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Roll – Headmasters

1950 – 1960: Dr. Walter P Trost1960 – 1970: Mr. L A Banini1970 – 1972: Mr. S K Ohene1972 – 1972: Major Commey1972 – 1978: Mr. Walter K Blege1978 – 1981: Mr. W K Ameko1981 – 1991: Mr. L Y K Hagan1991 – 1995: Mr. E K Accorlor1995 – 1999: Mr. V H K Mensah2000 […]

Post a Tribute


In August 1948 I was directing a Church Summer Camp for teen-agers in Wisconsin. The Rev. Christian Baeta came to the camp for a week to tell me about the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana and the work it was doing. We talked at length and at the end of the week I invited him […]

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