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1: Master Development Plan:
For several years, actually for over half a century, there has been no long term plan for Mawuli School in terms of infrastructural and other developments. We are now in a position to develop one for posterity. Currently, the school has hardly any significant improvement to what it was put up to be over 50 years ago.

We want to come up with a plan that presents Mawuli School in its proper perspective 25 to 50 years from today, and that is the Mawuli School Master Development Plan.

MAWULI FUND, with approval of the School Board has teamed up with the national leadership of OMSU to design and develop a master plan for Mawuli School. In it we hope to present the future of a modern Mawuli School perspective.

Our budget for this exercise is about GHC150,000 (US$80,000).

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2: Boys Dormitory Block:
OMSU/MAWULI FUND lead the way to build a new 160 bed capacity dormitory block for boys. At completion, the block will help alleviate some of the acute lodging shortage that the boys have faced for several years.

At an estimated cost of approximately GHC1,500,000 (US$750,000), the facility has the ability to reduce pressure on the continuous utilization of dilapidated structures built since the 1950s. Your support is very much appreciated.

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