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The Mawuli Discussion Forum is a mail distribution list, sponsored by the Mawuli Fund, Inc. (is a US federally recognized 501(c3) non-profit organization registered in the state the of Delaware) with special interest in the affairs Mawuli School in particular, Ghana, Africa and the world in general. This network is made up of old Students and Friends of Mawuli School worldwide who may or may not have access to email.

The Mawulian List is a free forum for discussions, debates, the sharing and formulation of ideas that will help Mawuli School, Ghana and Africa and the whole wide world. Postings may cover any topic of members’ choice, including politics, economics, culture, education, history, geography, religion, architecture, medicine, development, etc. Postings may include news, opinions, observations, humor, announcements, or requests. If it has anything to do with Mawuli School, and the Whole Wide World, it can be discussed. However, the forum moderators reserve the right to adjudicate all issues under discussion.


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