$ 54.99
Mawuli Cloth

Mawuli Dress which is 5.5 m (6 yds) long in Traditional Mawulian Style, look and feel. Shipping included.

Mawuli Key Chain, Pennant, Car Sticker, & Mug $ 31.75
Mawuli Key Chain, Pennant, Car Sticker, & Mug

Mawuli School Key Chain, a Mawuli School Mug, a Mawuli School Pennant, all designed in the Mawuli School 60th Anniversary Celebrations logo. A complimentary Car Sticker are also included with the package. Shipping included.

$ 13.99
Dumedefc CD

Indigenous traditionally backed a cappella music. Most originally sung by Mawuli Students Choir in the 1970s, composed by then Headmaster Walter Blege and Robert K Ndo, who co-directs, leads EP Church, Ghana Ambassador Choir to produce album  in a 1983 Bremen, Germany tour. Remastered and produced for CD by YA. Shipping included. 10% MF Benefit.

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