The Mawuli Fund, in collaboration with Mawulians and friends of Mawuli School around the world is instituting a scholarship scheme to benefit students of Mawuli School based on academic achievement and financial need. The scheme, to be known as the Mawuli Fund Scholarship Scheme will award One Million cedes (c1,000,000) per year to two students in each form to cover boarding and lodging fees, the objective being to promote academic excellence and encourage future contribution of these students to their alma mater. The scheme is scheduled to start at the beginning of the 2002 academic year.


The Mawuli Fund was incorporated in June 1999 as a non-profit tax-exempt organization in the United States with the aim of soliciting donations towards the facility improvement and educational development programs in Mawuli School. The Fund is independent of the Old Mawuli Student Union and the Mawuli school administration, but closely collaborates with these and other organizations that are committed to the betterment of Mawuli and other secondary institutions.

The primary goal of the Mawuli Fund is to raise at least $1 million permanent endowment capital (to be invested in the United States) over the next ten years from old students, corporations, other charitable organizations and the general public in the Diaspora. All contributions to the Fund will go into the permanent endowment. A parallel fund with a target amount of one billion Cedis to be invested in Ghana will also be set up. $20,000 has already been received from the philanthropic community towards the endowment and is in the Mawuli Fund accounts in the USA. These monies are currently invested in conservative securities and the interest from these securities will be used to support projects in Mawuli School.

  1. The Fund seeks contributions from all Mawulians, Staff and friends of Mawuli School, as well as institutions and organizations interested in educational programs in Ghana. Donations can be made to the Permanent Fund or towards specific programs of choice, e.g. scholarships, awards, etc. Contributions to the Fund in any amount or in kind, will be promptly acknowledged. Please direct all donations, written to the order of MAWULI FUND to Mawuli Fund, P. O. Box 940578, Houston TX USA if you are outside Ghana, or to Mawuli Fund, P. O. Box 11241, Accra-North, Ghana if you are in Ghana and for cedi account only.

Fund administration:

The Fund is administered by a Board of Trustees consisting of Old Mawulians across all decade groups and supporters of Mawuli School. It is the intention of the Fund to coordinate and administer all donations to Mawuli School. Donors have the liberty to stipulate how their donations are used, but the Fund will coordinate the use of all gifts to avoid duplication and ensure that projects are funded based on school priorities. Projects will be prioritized by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the school administration, OMSU and other donors and will be implemented by the Fund together with its local agents in collaboration with the school administration, who would regularly inform the Fund of the school’s needs and projects progress.

For more on the operations and activities of the Fund, you may request information from any of the following: Yao Ababio (, Senyo Opong (, Phillip Acolatse ( or Caroline Bruce (, or visit our web-site at You may send suggestions on the scholarship program to the Mawuli Fund Sub-committee on Education at

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