History and Purpose:
Mawuli Fund was established in June 1999 as a non-profit organization in the State of Delaware. The primary goal of the Fund is to raise a $1M endowment capital to support facility improvement and educational development programs at Mawuli School. Except for special fundraising situations, all contributions to the Fund will go into the permanent endowment fund with the earnings from this fund used for projects in Mawuli School. The Fund is an IRS 501(3)(c) tax-exempt organization in the United States.

Mawuli Fund’s initial Board of Trustees (at November 2002) consisted of the following Class representatives, alumni and members of the general public.


Name Representation
Open! Class 1950-1954
Dr. David Tay ’55 Class 1955-1959
Open! Class 1960-1964
Dr Eunice Amenyenu Bonsi ’69 1965-1969/Founder
Dr. Kofi Debrah ’71 Class 1970-1974
Dr. Kosi Adiku ’77 Class 1975-1979
Mr. Phillip Acolatse ’82 Class 1980-1984
Mr. Tuli Dake ’87 Class 1985-1989
Open! Class 1990-1995
Mr. Arne Walter ’71 OMSU-UK
Mr. Joe Akaba ’66 OMSU-GH
Open! General Public
Mr. Mawuli Tse ’80 Founder
Dr. Senyo Opong ’76 Founder – Secretary/Treas
Dr. Yao Ababio ’77 Founder – Chair
Ms. Caroline Bruce ’86 Founder – Fin. Secretary

The Mawuli Fund team currently consists of Yao Ababio, Phillip Acolatse, Carolyn Bruce, Mawuli Tse, Esther Agbeko and Senyo Opong.

The Fund seeks contributions from all Mawulians, Staff and friends of Mawuli School, as well as institutions and organizations interested in educational programs in Ghana. Donations can be made to the Permanent Fund or towards specific programs of choice, e.g. scholarships, awards, etc. Contributions to the Fund in any amount will be accepted and promptly acknowledged. Please mail your contributions to:

Mawuli Fund
P. O Box 940578
Houston, Texas 77094, USA
Mawuli Fund
P. O. Box AN-11241
Accra, Ghana


For more on the operations and activities of the Fund, you may request information from any of the following: Yao Ababio (, Senyo Opong (, Phillip Acolatse (, Caroline Bruce Modey (, Adjovi Agbeko (, or Mawuli Tse (, or visit our web-site at You may send suggestions on the scholarship program to the Mawuli Fund Sub-committee on Education at


MAWULI FUND, P. O. Box 940578, Houston TX 77094 USA

MAWULI FUND, P. O. Box AN-11241, Accra, GHANA


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